History coffeeshop Speakeasy,


Coffeeshop Speakeasy was founded in 1982. Opened and located in Oudebrugsteeg 4 in the heart of The Red Light district. The Speakeasy name dates from the time of prohibition in the US in the 20’s of the last century and has been given a meaning, thanks to the many illegal cafes of that time.


In 2013, coffeeshop Speakeasy shut her doors due to the 1012 project of the Amsterdam government. The intention is to clean up The Red Light district by decreasing the number of prostitutes and to shut down 26 coffeeshops with the aim of the so-called degradation of the Wallen area. After the closure of Speakeasy coffeeshop, the owners have been searching for a new location.


After about a year they managed to find an acceptable place where the Amsterdam government on agreed. After a thorough renovation the new Speakeasy opened her doors in the Eerste Oosterparkstraat 47 in Amsterdam East.


At coffeeshop Speakeasy, there is a very mixed culture. Both local people and tourists find their way because of the value for their money that is still the same. The largest part of the old staff has gone along to the new location. They still work like before, to help with the atmosphere that should be like before; socializing with respect for each other.


Coffeeshop Speakeasy, where locals and tourist meet.